Chasing the Light

Northern Lights Photography Tours: Arctic Photography Expeditions

Discover our specialised photography expeditions designed for avid photographers seeking to capture the beauty of the Northern Lights.

2024 - 2025 Northern Lights Season Trips

Northern Lights in Vesterålen

September 2024 Photography Expedition

8 - 15 September 2024
Photographing the Northern Lights in Norway

September/October 2024 Photography Expedition

29 September - 6 October 2024
Northern Lights Holidays - purple aurora borealis

November/December 2024 Photography Expedition

27 November - 4 December 2024

January/February 2025 Photography Expedition

26 January - 2 February 2025

February/March 2025 Photography Expedition

23 February - 2 March 2025

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Passionate About Photography?

Our Norway Photography Expeditions are designed for those with an insatiable appetite for discovery and a passion for adventure. Running from early September to late March, each season brings its own unique display of light and landscape, transforming the scenery dramatically over this period.

The photography trips will take us through an array of stunning locations where we will be seduced by the rise and fall of the sun, beautiful pristine coastlines, spectacular fjords, and snow-dusted peaks, to the quaint and colourful hamlets nestled within the wild Vesterålen islands and the iconic fishing villages of Lofoten.

As night falls and the magical Aurora Borealis begins its dance, we embark on our quest to capture it dancing above some of these picture perfect locations.

Our aim is for you to depart this tour with not just a gallery of breathtaking photographs but also wonderful memories and new friendships.

Frozen fjord in Vesterålen


Base of operations for our Arctic photography expeditions will be Lofoten and Vesterålen, around 200km (125 miles) inside the Arctic Circle. These two sets of archipelagos have been selected as they provide the best opportunity to visit numerous locations in the shortest amount of time. This flexibility is a huge advantage for Aurora chasers. It gives us access to both coastal and inland areas and the upper-hand against constantly changing weather conditions.

A few of the places we intend to visit are detailed below.


During our time in Lofoten, we will visit the diverse landscapes of Henningsvær, Reine, Hamnøy, Haukland, Utakleiv & Gimsøya.

Regarded as having some of the world’s most breathtaking scenery, these spots boast towering mountains, expansive fjords, lively seabird colonies, idyllic fishing hamlets, and vast, surf-kissed shores.

The sheer beauty of Lofoten is truly awe-inspiring.


The grand, weather-beaten islands of Hinnøya, Langøya, and Andøya extend northward from Lofoten, showcasing stunning vistas of both the dramatic landscape and indigenous wildlife.

Meandering coastal routes guide you to dormant fishing hamlets, now succumbing to the elements. These ghostly towns offer unique photographic moments, capturing both the desolation and the dynamic power of nature as waves batter the rocky harbours.

Frozen fjord in Vesterålen

The Magic of The Night

The Arctic Circle in Norway stands as one of the world’s premier destinations for witnessing the Northern Lights.

This spectacular natural phenomenon offers a mesmerising show of vibrant green streaks, bows, and undulating ribbons that gracefully sweep across the night sky. Sometimes, this celestial display intensifies into a brilliant burst of red, purple, pink, and violet hues, lasting from mere moments to several minutes.

Experiencing the aurora borealis is to witness Mother Nature in her most magnificent form. While she may be elusive, rest assured, when the skies come alive with her dazzling performance, we’ll be ready to ensure you capture every breathtaking moment.

Aurora Chasing

Immerse yourself in the excitement of pursuing the captivating Northern Lights.

Depending on the weather, every evening we’ll pinpoint the optimal spots for observing and photographing the Aurora Borealis.

Typically, our pursuit begins at around 19:00 and wraps up around midnight. But you need to be ready for the unexpected; there are occasions when the adventure extends beyond the usual hours. If the Northern Lights decide to grace us with their presence, we’re more than willing to extend our stay to savour the moment.

Photographing the Northern Lights in Norway

Wildlife Activities

Northern Norway is one of the most diverse wildlife watching destinations in Europe. Moose, reindeer, arctic fox, whales, orca, lynx and birds of prey to name a few.

Our photo expedition includes excursions to a traditional Sami reindeer farm and an eagle safari watching majestic birds of prey hunt. Both activities are wonderful and provide great photo opportunities.

Eagle Safari

The incredibly photogenic white-tailed sea eagles are a highlight of this trip. Departing early in the morning, we’ll climb aboard the generous sized boat and cruise around the fjord searching for the majestic birds. However, be prepared and keep your cameras close to hand. These giants of the sky come very close as they search for a bite to eat and are a treat to photograph.

Expert guidance will be available before boarding the boat to ensure that you maximise the photo opportunities from safari.

Following our boat trip, we’ll return to the charming harbour with it’s stunning modern glass-fronted restaurant to be served a delicious hot soup and home-made bread. The view from the harbour is always incredibly impressive and they’ll be sufficient time for photos before and after our trip.

Sami Reindeer Farm​

The Sami are the only indigenous people recognised by the European Union. Having their own language, culture and customs, we’ll enjoy a snapshot of their traditional lifestyle; whilst glimpsing the unique relationship between them and their most cherished resource – the reindeer.There will be many opportunities to photograph the reindeer during this visit as well as the Sami if they are not out working deep in the mountains.

Travel with Professionals

The key to transforming a good trip into an extraordinary one often lies in the expertise and dedication of the leaders.

At the heart of our Photography Expedition are the combined efforts of seasoned aurora chaser Chris Percival and a handpicked team of professional photographers. Chris, with his deep-rooted passion for chasing, photographing and filming the Northern Lights plus his many years experience in guiding tours, takes the helm of logistics, weather analysis, and the thrilling chase for the aurora, ensuring every aspect of the trip is seamlessly orchestrated.

Accompanying Chris, our photography experts, each with their own unique style and approach, focus intently on nurturing your photography skills, offering personalised guidance to help capture stunning Arctic landscapes, nature and the mesmerising beauty of the Northern Lights.

Together, we promise a journey that’s not just memorable but packed with learning, discovery, and unparalleled photographic opportunities, echoing the positive experiences of our past guests.

About Chris Percival

Chris has over 15 years experience in chasing and photographing the Northern Lights.

A seasoned traveler around Norway, Sweden and Finland, he is an expert in logistics, planning and manoeuvring around the often unpredictable weather.

Committed to exploring the green night sky, many of his award winning photographs have been used online, in print and TV, including the Brian Cox science documentary ‘Forces of Nature’ which aired on BBC1, PBS and ABC1.

Chris Percival

About Terry Steeley

Award-winning nature photographer Terry Steeley, has a wealth of experience in leading trips and teaching small groups.

An expert behind the lens and the computer, Terry has been an Adobe Influencer for many years, sharing both Photoshop and Lightroom post-processing ‘know-how’ with people worldwide.

Highly respected, his enthusiasm, energy and commitment are limitless making him perfect to lead this incredible adventure.

Terry Steeley


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Joining ‘Chasing the Light’, the Norwegian Northern Lights photo expedition with Terry and Chris was the best decision I could have made.

The trip was incredible, a photographer’s dream! Impeccable attention was paid to every detail, ensuring that both the photographic aspect, as well as the accommodations were perfect in every way.

I had non-stop fun, saw the most incredible sights every day and got all the best photo opportunities. Most importantly, from the very moment I was picked up at the airport, it felt like a family trip with old friends.

I would highly recommend booking this trip of a lifetime to absolutely anyone!
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The photo adventure with exceeded all my expectations!! Terry and Chris worked really hard to make us comfortable during the 7 day tour.

A typical day included capturing the sunrise, the beautiful Landscape of Norway, hunting Sea Eagles, sunset and the Northern Light show at night.

A photo adventure you will not forget!!
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We really couldn’t have asked for more out of our week ‘Chasing the light’ with Terry and Chris.

Beautiful locations, clear skies, and breathtaking Aurora activity 7/7 nights with a great group of people left us with wonderful memories and spectacular photos to take home!

Accommodation and Meals

Our base locations in Vesterålen and Lofoten are made more accessible by our use of hotels in Sortland, Leknes, and the Harstad-Narvik airport hotel. All our trips are based on shared twin or double room. There is a supplementary charge for single travellers who want their own room. Further details of the accommodation can be viewed below. 

All our trips include a half-board package, which means you’ll be treated to a delightful breakfast and dinner each day. During the day we will have the opportunity to make a quick stop where you will be able to buy lunch. Some daytime activities also include lunch. This will be detailed on the individual trip itineraries. 

You will start your mornings with a satisfying buffet-style breakfast, allowing you to choose from a variety of tasty options. For dinner, we offer a dining experience where you will be able to choose your meal from a range of set menus. The meal services also accommodate special dietary needs.

Airport Hotel

The airport hotel is located less than a kilometer from the airport and serves as a convenient and comfortable location which we often use at the beginning or end of a trip.

Enjoy a good nights sleep in basic but cosy rooms and start the day with a buffet breakfast.

The hotel was built in 2021 and the rooms are modern and clean.

The hotel restaurant is able to serve hot meals on request and hosts the included breakfast buffet every morning.

Airport Hotel


Sortland’s newest hotel with 128 modern rooms, opened in 2021 has a unique harbourside location right in the heart of the town. It offers panoramic views of the sea and scenic mountains of Vesterålen.

The ground floor restaurant serves continental buffet breakfasts and dinners with locally sourced ingredients. The restaurant is surrounded with a monumental glass facade giving stunning views across the water.

Sortland Hotel


Your hotel in Leknes is situated in the heart of Lofoten and in a perfect location for us to explore the most dramatic and picturesque locations with travel time between locations kept to a minimum.

Enjoy a good nights sleep in the hotels quiet and newly renovated rooms, and start the day with a continental  breakfast.

All hotel rooms were renovated in 2017 and have now a contemporary and delicate look.

Dinner is served every evening in in the hotel restaurant. The menu is composed of local ingredients and the dishes are inspired by both local and international cuisine.

Leknes accommodation