The Best Place to see Northern Lights

Find out why our destinations in Norway, specifically Vesterålen and Lofoten, are renowned as some of the prime locations to witness the awe-inspiring Northern Lights.

Looking for the best place to witness the Northern Lights?

You need to travel to somewhere within what is commonly known as the Aurora Zone, a region between 61º and 73º North that lies directly beneath the Auroral Oval – a ring that encircles the Earth’s magnetic North and South poles.

Due to its high latitude, the Aurora is visible from the end of August to early April in the Northern Hemisphere, and while it’s always present, the sky is too bright during the rest of the year to see it.

But, the Auroral Oval’s shape and width are continually changing, so some locations near the edge of the Aurora Zone may not always be covered. The Aurora Borealis activity may seem random, but it’s actually caused by activity on the Sun and fluctuations in the Earth’s magnetic field. 

Maximizing Your Chances of Seeing the Northern Lights

After a decade of exploring and observing the Northern Lights in Europe, including Iceland, Finland, Sweden, and Norway, we have identified the key factors that influence the probability of spotting this natural phenomenon. As avid Aurora Chasers, we understand the importance of maximising the odds and increasing the chances of witnessing this breathtaking display.

While there are various factors that can sway the outcome in your favour, some are beyond your control, dictated by Mother Nature herself. This is why there is no single “perfect” location that guarantees an encounter with the Northern Lights.

However, we have discovered a “best fit” option, and we believe that we offer the best place to see the Northern Lights. So, join us and increase your chances of experiencing this stunning natural phenomenon.

Northern Lights over Vesterålen

Northern Lights Holidays

Northern Lights Holidays - purple aurora borealis

Photography Trips

Why our location in Norway is one of the best places to see the northern lights

Location Location Location

We are directly under the Auroral Oval at 69º North

On average we see the northern lights every other night between September and April. Directly underneath the Auroral Oval we are in the best place to see the northern lights.

We are the experts

We’ve spent the last decade in search of the best place to see the Northern Lights

If you are a family group we know how to keep the children entertained and the adults relaxed. If you are an older aged group or have medical problems then we recognise your physical limits and adjust the itinerary to fit.

If there is a chance to see the aurora on a particular night, we are out looking for it. Your guide Chris is an experienced aurora photographer and offers camera help and advice throughout the trip.

Dark Skies

Low Population

We have a very low population which also means very little light pollution. This is a big plus compared to areas around larger towns such as Tromsø which can light up even the thinnest of cloud and spoil an aurora display.


Beating the weather

Beating the highly changeable weather can be a challenge. Our central location allows us to move relatively quickly to the coast or inland, North, South, East or West.


It’s not as cold as you might expect!

Our location is nearly 69ºN but we have the mildest temperatures for this latitude on the planet, thanks to the Gulf Stream. Visit this latitude in Alaska, Finland or Russia and the temperatures can often hit -40ºC (-40ºF) and lower!

The average temperature here in January is around -2ºC (+28ºF).

Transport and Infrastructure

Good road networks

Despite the location and low population, the whole region has a very good road network and infrastructure. This means it is quick and easy to travel long distances in short times, even in bad weather conditions.

This is a must-have for all serious Aurora Chasers.

Easy to get here

Being only 2 hours drive from the airport in Harstad/Narvik our location is easily accessed by air and all our trips include airport transfers with us.

Air transport direct from Oslo is very reasonably priced and served by Norwegian Air and SAS.

Stunning scenery and wildlife

We have the best scenery and nature in the Aurora Zone

We have the best scenery: fjords, mountains, lakes, rivers, seascapes, beaches, waterfalls, ice and snow.

We have a huge diversity of wildlife: whales, eagles, reindeer, dolphins, moose and arctic foxes.

There are fantastic photo opportunities around every corner, day and night.

Small group tours only

Highly personalised trips

We take a maximum of 6 guests for photo trips, 7 guests for regular trips and 8 guests for family trips. This allows us to make the whole experience a lot more personalised.

If you want a holiday where you can sit on a large bus and look out the window then we are not the guides you are looking for. Move along.

Amazing daytime activities

It’s not all about Aurora Chasing

During the day we take guests to some incredible locations where they can visit a working Sami reindeer farm, travel by boat on an eagle safari, go whale watching and experience husky sledding or karting.

We also visit Norway’s aurora research and space centre and several photography & scenery day trips including an amazing voyage to the deserted fishing village of Nyksund and travelling further south to some enchanting scenery in The Lofoten Islands.

We have fjords, mountains, lakes, rivers, waterfalls, ice and snow coupled with wildlife as diverse as whales, eagles, reindeer, dolphins, moose and arctic foxes in a low-population location where non-light polluted dark skies are plentiful.

There is no other place we know of that has all of this under one sky…

and this is no ordinary sky!