About The Northern Lights Company

Experience the Beauty of the Northern Lights

Welcome to The Northern Lights Company, the best way to travel to the most picturesque part of Arctic Norway and experience natures incredible fireworks display: the Aurora Borealis.

Our Offerings

Nestled directly underneath the auroral oval, our location is not just about chasing the Northern Lights. We enrich your Arctic experience with a plethora of daytime activities – from eagle safaris, visits to the local Sami Reindeer farm or aurora research space centre to fantastic photography trips. Watching others experience the Northern Lights illuminate the amazing Arctic landscape is what we enjoy the most.

The Northern Lights Addiction: Chris’ Journey

Chris’ enthralment with the Aurora Borealis began in 2004 in Iceland. Over the next decade, he traversed through Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Iceland, chasing this celestial spectacle with his family. The addiction culminated in 2013 when Chris and family embarked on a winter-long Arctic Circle expedition. By 2014, they had settled in their favourite Norwegian spot, captivated by the Northern Lights. As more friends and family visited to experience this wonder with the family, the idea of operating a Northern Lights tour company was born.

From a Dream to Reality

Nearly a decade later, we’ve created countless memorable moments for our guests. Whether you’re a solo traveler, a couple seeking a romantic escape, a family on an adventure, a group of photography enthusiasts, or a school or college, The Northern Lights Company promises an unforgettable ‘bucket list’ experience.

Join Us

Let us share our passion, our experience, and the magical Northern Lights with you. Embark on a journey like no other. Visit our tours page to view all of our upcoming Northern Lights trips.

November 4-night Northern Lights Holiday

3-7 November 2024

November 3-night Northern Lights Holiday

7-10 November 2024

December 4-night Northern Lights Holiday

8-12 December 2024